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“Working with Toscano Advisors for strategic planning was like having a fairy godmother wave a magic wand. Jim and Dania’s collective experience spans a diverse range of subject areas and perspectives—giving our organization the depth and comprehensive insight we really needed to uncover our secret sauce, where we’re going, and how we’ll get there.”

Jamie Millard
Co-CEO, Pollen

Dania and Jim are a pleasure to work with and have been instrumental in helping us build the foundation for fundraising success. Providing important insight into the processes and communication tools needed to build meaningful relationships with donors that have already resulted successful philanthropic capital raising.

Sophie Rich
Homeownership Preservation Foundation

The Latest Blog From Toscano Advisors

New Twists on Philanthropy

30 Sep 16

Last week saw an interesting development in the world of philanthropy, usually defined as giving money to good causes. Often there is also an assumption that it’s done as a donation to a charity, with a tax deduction for the gift. Now we have two examples where that isn’t the case, or almost not the case. Variants on the impact investments of foundations and greater flexibility allowed private business, these new efforts have a much more defined focus. When the examples are provided by George Soros and Dr. Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg, other philanthropists take notice. George Soros’ Focus on…

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Let’s Prove Howard Buffet Wrong!
Let’s Prove Howard Buffet Wrong!

08 Sep 16

Here’s what Buffet believes: “Charity doesn’t solve a long-term problem. It addresses an immediate situation, but it won’t solve anything.” He still gives money philanthropically, but prefers to be part of the movement to achieve impact through entrepreneurial solutions. Yet, we in the nonprofit world, certainly up to our eyeballs in immediate situations, also know a considerable amount about longer-term solutions. Take homelessness. Much of the resources that are available are spent in the day-to-day task of sheltering and feeding those experiencing homelessness. Yes, true, although we do know that first obtaining secure, long-term, safe housing in an environment where…

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