Toscano Advisors, LLC is a client-centered consulting group based in Portland Oregon. Toscano Advisors brings together specific talents to meet our client organization’s needs. Combining over 60 years of experience, work with over 400 non-profit organizations and up-to-date knowledge of current nonprofit dynamics and dilemmas, our firm is well-positioned to be a valuable resource to our clients.

We differ from other consulting firms in that we have developed a network of independent, experienced specialists for referral to address specific client needs.

Our process involves an initial assessment consultation on needs, followed by assignment of one or a panel of specialists to deliver results on a cost efficient basis. Only those services needed are assigned without overhead and additional fees.

Dania Toscano Miwa

Dania is the President and co-founder of Toscano Advisors. She relocated to Portland Oregon in 2018. Her expertise is in the areas of board/leadership training, strategic planning, fundraising and communication planning; including social media strategy, and recruiting. She has more than twelve years of experience working with/for nonprofits such as the Museum of Russian Art, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, and the American Indian Cancer Foundation. She has served on a number of boards and committees and is currently on the Development Committee of Girls on the Run - Portland Chapter and the Communications Committee of the Oregon Historical Society. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.


James V. Toscano

Jim has over 50 years experience in nonprofit management. He joined Dania in Portland Oregon in 2019. His expertise includes: planning, governance, values analysis, outcomes measurement, and accountability and transparency in nonprofit organizations. He is a past chair of the Minnesota Charities Review Council and served on over fifty boards and commissions during his career, including the Minnesota Health Care Commission and as Chair of the Medical Education and Research Committee of the State Health Department. A chair and co-chair of the committees that produced the two editions of Minnesota Council of Nonprofit’s “Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence,” he has taught nonprofit management at the University of Chicago, University of Saint Thomas and, Hamline University’s Graduate School of Business. He is a graduate of Rutgers College and Yale University.

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