Executive Recruitment

Finding the right person with the right qualifications at the right career stage and the right cultural fit for an executive position is critical in recruitment. More and more searches fail, or the new person leaves after a short period. This is especially true with fundraising personnel.

We recruit for the long-term. After interviews of stakeholders, colleagues and supervisor(s), we draft a job description and recruitment plan that may include announcements, paid advertising, media listings, internet searches and, always, networking. All candidates are vetted, and the top prospects are discussed with a selection committee or team, with finalists chosen and personal interviews conducted.

Top choices are then carefully checked as to background, references and qualifications. When the final choice is made, we handle negotiation on offer, timing, compensation, and other relevant matters. As a special value added of our firm, we offer one year of mentoring of the new executive to assure complete fit and longer tenure.

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