Interim Leadership & Executive Mentoring

With increased retirement of top leadership, nonprofits now seek interim leadership while recruitment of the new leadership is underway. This may take as long as six months to a year in larger organizations. Once recruited, the onboarding process becomes critical in ensuring fit and long tenure. Often,leaders with years of service hit dead-ends and need peer mentoring through specific situations or longer-term readjustments and reinventions.

Executive vacancies, especially the CEO position, can be filled by our firm on an interim basis, perhaps in combination with executive search. Given our extensive networking in the Twin Cities, interim presidencies, interim vice presidencies in specific areas, and other interim executive leadership positions are filled.

With over sixty years of accumulated executive experience, our firm conducts mentorships with specific individuals or groups at a single organization to help with specific objectives, such as to improve insight into the work of work, the art of delegation, the dynamics of leadership and the management of change.

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