Ten Conditions for Success in Fundraising

The Good Counsel  A post By James V. Toscano 1. A Strong Vision/ Mission that articulates an appealing and attractive value proposition for those donors and prospects sharing similar values. Donors are attracted to Mission-driven organizations. 2. Program Quality. With all of the hoopla and buzz on other aspects of performance, quality still counts and separates the winners from the losers. Empirical markers of quality, such as outstanding inputs, processes, people and results clearly result in success and boost the potential for funding. 3. Board Leadership/ Management. Nothing beats an engaged, active, fundraising board and a committed director. Charisma helps, although…

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10 Basic Ideas About Fundraising

A post by James V. Toscano 1. Fundraising is not about Money. It’s about values, those of the Donor and those of the Organization. Getting alignment between donor values and organization values is the first task in developing a donor base. It’s the beginning of a lifelong relationship. 2. Don’t take the money and run. Fundraising is not one-way but about an exchange of values over time. The organization gets something– resources of the donor– and the donor gets something. Make sure you know what the donor needs if you want the relationship and the exchange to continue. 3. Results…

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