Here We Are

Here We Are

Is it over yet?

It’s been almost a month since I posted last, which has both flown by, and seemed like several years. Jim and I will continue to host Pay it Fwd.  (9:00 am PST, Wednesday’s on zoom Link here.)

When we launched Pay it Fwd, I expected that it might last a few weeks and I’d be thrilled if we got even a few people every time, but every week has grown and has become a lovely community of support, laughter and a place to find the solutions together. I’m glad to have you all in my network and I appreciate those who have taken the time to join us.

As many of us are scrambling to revise our budget forecasts, apply for grants, loans and other federal assistance. Not to mention trying to reframe our mission and business models to be relevant and online accessible, I am so impressed by the quick and creative thinking coming from so many organizations I’m involved with.

Free Friday

We are also continuing Free Friday time from 11-1 (PST) to call either of us for free consulting on Fundraising strategy, governance, what we know in this moment about opportunities for funding, or anything else that you would like input on. I’m always happy to share my opinion. 🙂

For Dania call (503) 208-5495
For Jim call (503) 482-8070

We are wishing you all good health, and balance. It might not all get done, and that’s ok. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.


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