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“Ask a Fundraiser” A Pilot Program

Jim and I are trying out an idea that we have been discussing for awhile. A “Ask a Fundraiser” service. What if someone at an organization could just text us a quick question? It might be about fundraising, or an upcoming event, or a new Executive Director just wants a second opinion? How can we make it easier for clients to reach out, especially now when many of us are working from home, in between family obligations and the stress of the pandemic.

I’m excited because recently I found a way for nonprofit organizations to reach me via text, and I’m really excited to try it out with you. 

How Does it Work? 

To add yourself to my contacts, simply text (503) 854 0801. This will prompt an auto response message from me that includes a link to fill out your information. That way I know who’s texting me and I can respond directly to you. I will never share, sell or otherwise spam you, and if you no longer want to hear from me, you can opt out! (No hard feelings.)

This is a pilot program right now. I am experimenting with how it will work, and I encourage you to try it out with me. I’ve found that the hardest part of being at home during COVID, is not being able to collaborate as easily. I miss sharing ideas, hopes and even the hardships. I’m hoping that this tool might help with some of that.

I am inspired, watching many nonprofit organizations completely shifting programs, re-forecasting budgets, and in some cases overhauling whole operations. This is a hard time that we find ourselves in. I believe in this sector and I hope we enter the “new normal” stronger, together.

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