A Baker’s Dozen: New Year Resolutions for the Development Officer

 Post By James V. Toscano

1.  I will always remember that it’s the donor’s money.

2.  I will always remember that fundraising is about the donor, not me.

3.  I will always remember that donors need to be thanked and feel wanted as a vital element in the organization.

4.  I will learn to cherish volunteers.

5.  I will always remember that Board members can often be very helpful.

6.  I will always remember that individual, personal peer solicitation gets the best results and should be the model for all that I do.

7.  I will always remember to do all that I do with enthusiasm, energy and ethics.

8.  I will always remember that sitting in my office is not the activity for which I am paid.

9.  I will always remember to not only plan but to actually ask for a gift, always asking for a specific amount, perhaps more than once a year.

10.  I will always remember that there are many ways for a gift to be given.

11.  I will learn that demographic change means significant change in our future constituency.

12.  I will always remember that there is something new to learn every day, starting, perhaps, with Spanish.

13.  I will always remember to never say die.

Happy 2012!

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